We have kept our secret long enough process

This work started with a curiosity with walking in high heels. I was given Dries van Noten high heels from dance artist Anastasia Bezruchko and became very curious and excited about walking in them. I came up with a simple system to document my experience walking in high heels in Eindhoven. I documented the weather, temperature, route, posture, pace, attire, makeup, thoughts and encounters from the walks. From January to August 2023, I documented forty walks. I have walked in the rain, snow and sunshine. I have walked short distances (from the end of the street where I live) to very long distances (from Tilburg central station to my house in Eindhoven). I have walked in and around Eindhoven at different times of the day and night. I simply would bring a pencil and paper with me and would document before, during and after the walks. Matilde Stolfa helped me with photographing the process and documenting the experience with me.

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