We have kept our secret long enough

Embracing femininity and walking on the streets today is layered, urgent, and complex and needs a safe space and time for reflection and discussion today. What are the movements, encounters, feelings, and experiences when walking in high heels in public space during the day and night? The visitor will experience a multi-layered work that dives into walking in high heels today. This performance puts walking in high heels into action. What does it feel like when you first put them on; what does it feel like when you are used to walking in them; and what does it feel like when you’ve been walking in them for miles? How does the body adapt to the heels, what are the limitations when walking in these shoes, and what kinds of encounters happen on the streets? This work dives into the joys, dreams, pains and discomforts of femininity and walking in high heels and opens those experiences to an audience during Dutch Design Week. The aim with this work is to provide a space where women and feminine people can freely walk on the streets no matter the time of day.

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