• Branding
  • Posters, brochures, exhibition design
  • 2018

Synthesis was an exhibition revealing insights and exploring methods on each stage of the design process. Synthesis stands for the act of mixing, reflecting, and combining design directions and executed forms in order to make a final product. While the design process has a fundamental structure, one may freely choose where the project starts and ends. By showing the process rather than the final product, Synthesis models to show freedom to think beyond a hard cut formula.

The primary goal of the exhibit was to enrich the design community on campus by creating exhibits with broad appeal for a diverse audience— art & design students continue to support the SJSU Graphic Design programs position as a strong center of graphic design education in the CSU system, as well as communicating its reputation in the design profession at large.


  • Branding lead: Marina Menéndez-Pidal
  • Branding team: Minjoo Yun
  • 2018