Synthesis Exhibition Branding

Synthesis is an exhibition revealing insights and exploring methods on each stage of the design process. Synthesis stands for the act of mixing, reflecting, and combining design directions and executed forms in order to make a final product. While the design process has a fundamental structure, one may freely choose where the project starts and ends. By showing the process rather than the final product, Synthesis models to show freedom to think beyond a hard cut formula.

Preliminary Logo Sketches

The finished logo embodies a gridded space composed of plus marks. The plus marks represent the evolution a designer undergoes during the design process. Considering this central structure, the designer is free to add points in any direction within the gridded space, making the logo a fluid structure that changes with every iteration. The logo then can expand and retract into a dimensional shape—all stemming from a simple plus mark.

Exhibition Colors

Exhibition Typeface

Branding: Marina Menéndez-Pidal, Minjoo Yun
Team members: Ariel Soon, Anaise Ruiz, Max Schneider, Ariel Soon, Phuong Nguyen, Sandhya Keshavabhotla, Lena Yen, and Lana Goder