Personal methodology of crafting design

Marina Menéndez-Pidal is an artist and designer focused on clarifying information and experimenting in design. She is Spanish American who was born in Madrid, Spain and raised in California. She studied her BFA in graphic design in San José, California and worked in Seoul, San Francisco, New York, and Madrid as a graphic designer. Now she is living and working in the Netherlands as an artist and designer and studies information design at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Her practice is known for working in information design, especially for representing complex topics and processes. She likes making information clear and seek out complex projects. She approaches her work by putting people at the heart of the design process. She structures engagements by talking to people who will understand the work she designs. She looks for ways a design can improve conversations.

Good design is a result of editing and revising. She believes in making experiments, seeing how it works, and revising it—going through the process as many times as possible and involving people as frequently as she can.


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