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  • branding and identity
  • identity, social media posts & banners
  • 2024

sea foundation, an art space in tilburg, the netherlands, regularly calls art professionals and art organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium to become a co-host for one of the reading events. Each reading is hosted in the Netherlands for about an hour, and can be joined online. For the past three years, sea foundation has invited artists, curators and writers to suggest a text for the reading session.

For each open call, there is an invitation to connect the reading to a theme, and this theme covers voice. the identity of voice is based on an element from the gallery’s garden, and i selected the trunk of a small tree, which forms the shape of v for voice. i had the idea of giving the tree a voice, and played with different colors and stroke weights in the process. for each social media post, different stroke weights, lines and colors were explored.


  • Branding lead: Marina Menéndez-Pidal
  • Role: Concept and branding
  • Team: Riet Van Gerven