Pretty in Pink on a Dark Street

The design project builds on the potential of walking as a research method, using this method to find out how those that self identify as women and feminine-presenting people walk alone at night. One-on-one night walk interviews were conducted in Eindhoven to understand and represent the feelings and experiences when walking alone at night. The voices featured in the performance are from The Netherlands, United States, England, Québec, Portugal, and Austria. The research process spanned over a two-month period with each walk taking about an hour at different times of the night. The delay of the research process, the unexpected thoughts arising from the surroundings while on the walk, and the almost aimless, in-between state of the walk all reinforce the benefits this research method can offer a designer and they are reflected in the live performance which has resulted from it. Topics within the performance include posture, pace, behaviour, encounters, lighting, and attire when walking alone at night.

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