San José Museum of Art Kiosks

Abbreviated SJMA, the San José Museum of Art’s wayfinding system needed revitalization. Hypothetical kiosks for SJMA were made, providing visitors with varying types of opportunities for interaction.

Gallery kiosk side view

Gallery kiosk front view

Each gallery has a mini kiosk at its corner entrance. It has a touch screen, providing information about the exhibit. Because the museum’s collection is temporary and ever-changing, it was a practical choice to design gallery signs containing digital information.

Information kiosk front view

Information kiosk back view

The outdoor kiosk introduces information about the San José Museum of Art.

The indoor kiosk provides the visitors with a directory in the form of an interactive map. The kiosk combines the J from SJMA with an exclamation mark.

The upper level kiosk gives visitors the opportunity sit on the kiosk and view current exhibition visualizations on the screen.

The lower level kiosk has an interactive, touch-based experience. The visitors are invited to make observations, ask questions, and participate in creative experimentation.

Kiosk designs: Marina Menéndez-Pidal and Sara Campos
Team members: Tim Neece and Orizema Cruz